Delivering High Quality Electric Services to Multiple Consumers with Low Cost DC Microgrids

Village Scale Pico-Utilities

Rural entrepreneurs, village cooperatives and NGOs can own and operate a Pico Power Boss system as a revenue collecting enterprise to provide affordable basic electrical services such as LED lighting and mobile phone charging.  

Grid Backup Lighting and Charging for Large Facilities

The Pico Power Boss is a battery based system that can be charged by many sources, including solar PV, wind, microhydro or the national utility grid.   In places where electrical supply is unreliable, the Boss can keep the lights on for hundreds of consumers. 

Eco Resorts & Outdoor Lighting

Solar PV and hybrid Pico Power Grids can be installed anywhere on Earth to provide lighting and small electrical device charging without the need for noisy, smelly generators or dangerous and unhealthy kerosene lamps and candles.