Pico Power Grids consist of 3 primary sub-systems -  the Pico Power Boss, the power system, and the consumer applications

Pico Power Boss

The PicoPower Boss (The Boss) is the energy dispensing device at the heart of a Pico Power Grid. The Boss dispenses high quality electrical power service on cheap, 'skinny' wires to multiple consumers for efficient applications such as LED lighting, small electronics and other devices. Designed for local entrepreneurs and community cooperatives to operate as very small-scale electric companies, or “PicoPower Grids”, that will enable revenue collection through selling electricity in small, affordable increments to efficiently deliver low-power energy services in battery based microgrids. 


The Boss is capable of dispensing Watt-hours to consumers immediately upon installation without requiring connection to wireless data networks. Local control and complete manual operation allows rural energy entrepreneurs to operate neighborhood scale “micro utilities”, with services and payment systems tailored to the needs of their local customers.   For example, local system operators will not be required to receive payment via mobile banking systems and can alternatively collect cash payments and/or goods or services in trade for electricity. 


Large systems can utilize multiple Boss units powered by centralized or distributed power systems.  Many Boss units can be controlled through a central management interface for operating large Pico Power Grids through a unified consumer metering, billing and control platform.  



Power System

The power system can utilize any form of electricity available, including photovoltaic (PV) arrays, wind or microhydro generators and/or your national utility "mains" grid power.    We can supply complete pre-integrated power systems containing all the required components or you can source the power system locally.



Consumer Applications

Consumer applications include specially made high efficiency LED lighting products, DC charging ports for mobile electronics and other small appliances such as high efficiency televisions and fans.

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